Paypal x FA - England Women's Team - Sound Recordist

Moneyplus - Sound Recordist

Maui Jim - Sunglasses - MUFC - Sound Recordist

J D Williams - Compliments - TV Christmas Commercial - Sound Recordist

People's Peloton - Laura Kenny/HSBC - H&K - Sound Recordist

People's Peloton - Laura Kenny/HSBC - H&K  - Post Production

Deezer  - Manchester United - Sound Recordist

Mundipharma, Man City FC - RD Content  - Sound Recordist 

Liverpool City Sights - Sound Recordist

 Sondaica Cattery - Sound Recordist

  Lexus Bolton - Sound Recordist

Heartless Vandals Tattoo Parlour - Sound Recordist

KW Hairdressing - Sound Recordist

Gilles Antiques - Sound Recordist



The BakeKing - DW Germany Segment - Sound Recordist

SRI - Casual Films - Peter Moore Interview (LFC) - Sound Recordist

Carlsberg - LFC - Sound Recordist

Klopp about Klopp (Jurgen Klopp) - DW, Germany - Sound Recordist

 CBD1 - North Sky Films - Sound Recordist



Unnamed Chris Boardman Cycle Show - Channel 4 - Sound Recordist

Tyson Fury Documentary - Optomen/ITV - Sound Recordist 

The Hook - Department of Education -Sound Recordist 

Adrian Wilson - Sound Recordist 

                   Me, Myself and Mental Health - Sound Recordist                                    

                        Erasmus Project - Sound Mixer                       




HANG -  Funks Film Productions - Audio Post

Funks  - Funks Film Productions - Sound Recordist 

Just Me -  Dir Mickey Thomas - Sound Recorder, Audio Post - IMDB  

Incredible Imagination - (Blue Almond Films) - Sound Design and Mix

Deranged - (North Sky Films) - Sound Recorder + Audio Post 

Creatures of Habbit trailer (Casual Gangster) - Sound Design

Last Call (Land Ahead Films) - Sound Recorder + Audio Post 

Chimera (Casual Gangster) - Sound Recorder + Audio Post 

Lovely Cuppa - (Dave Mills Productions) - Sound Recordist 

Educating Lanka (ZedMill Productions) - Sound Design and Mix

Claudia's Story (ZedMill Productions) - Sound Design and Mix 

Adjety’s Story (ZedMill Productions) - Sound Deign and Mix

Like Father (Howdone Films) - Sound Recordist, Sound Design 

Love’s Lost (Black Bull Films) - Foley Artist/Recordist - IMDB 

My Dearest Jean - Foley Artist/Recordist - IMDB 

Now I am Become Death (Houston/Jones Productions) - Sound Recordist 

Music and Spoken Word

Debs Gatenby (comedy) - Sound Recordist

The Big Slice TV Show - Sound Recorder and Mixer

The Jon Casey Blues Band Album - Sound Engineer

Z Arts Centre - Dir David Mills - Sound Recordist


Teaching, Training and Consultant

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