Sound Design

These videos are productions that we have worked with. We have carried out more work on other short films, however these films have been submitted to festivals so we are unable to publish them at the moment. 

Last Call
Courtesy of Land Ahead Films
Location recording, sound design and mix.
Producer/Director Harrington Day
Screenshot 2019-03-01 22.50.59.png
Incredible Imagination
Courtesy of Funk Films.
All Post Production including original Sound Design, Composition and Mix

Adjety's Story

Courtesy of Zedmill, Dir. Carl Reason,
Short video for Adjety's Story. Sound Design and Mix
Educating Lanka
Courtesy of Zedmill, Dir. Carl Reason,
Short video for Educate Lanka, Sound Design and Final mix.
Like Father
All Recording and Post Production carried out
Director M McGreal   Producer J Bulloch
   H.E.R.O. Rally 
Composition and Mix
Creatures Of Habbit
Promo for a Kickstarter campaign by Casual Gangster Productions. All audio created for this piece. Design, ADR, Foley, Composition, Mix.
My Dearest Jean
Foley Recorder and Foley Artist
Claudia's Story
Courtesy of Zedmill, Dir. Carl Reason, Short Video for Balloon Ventures . Sound Design and Final mix.
 The Arrival
Sound Design, Composition, Foley and Mix
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