Rate Card



All rate are labour only rates based on 10 hour working days. All are subject to kit hire fees.

All rates are under the advice of BECTU and are subject to change. 

Full BECTU Rate List here

Corporate/Commercial /PSC/ENG 


Sound Recordist



1AS / Boom Operator



2AS / 2nd Boom


Kit Package Deals (per day)

Basic PSC / ENG / Corporate / Drama   



 Recorder / Mixer, 2x Radios, 1x Boom & mics for INT / EXT

Standard Drama


 Recorder / Mixer, 3 x Radios, 1x Boom & mics for INT / EXT,

1 x Wireless Headsets, 2x Timecode boxes

Additional Items


Radio mics @ £35 / channel

Timecode sync box @ £25 each

Radio Headsets @ £15 each

Please contact us for your own bespoke package.